Monday, April 30, 2012

Nail Strips

There’s a reason my nails are bare most of time, it’s because I’m very impatient in waiting for them to dry. That’s why I appreciate nail strips like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. They require no dry time, lasts up to 10 days and are available in cute designs. The only minor flaw is that if you look closely (and I mean up to your face close), you can see a tiny line across the design from the printing process. I’ve purchased the fishnet and floral lace designs in the past and was excited when I saw the spring line at Target this weekend. I picked up three: pink dots, green plaid, and colorful birds designs.

I’ve already applied the pink dots design and am looking forward to putting on the rest over the next few weeks.

What are your thoughts on nail strips?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop to Smell the Roses 

A family member was admitted into the hospital earlier this week and it reminded me on how fragile life can be.  Thankfully, the family member is now out of the hospital and recovering.  We tend to focus too much on our "needs" and "wants" sometimes and not enough on what we already have.  I recently came across this post from Girls on the Grid about a technique the author learned on how to keep yourself grounded during hard times. 

I was unemployed for a good amount of time over the last two years and I can't lie, it changed me.  Losing my job was devastating since I had always prided myself  in being an independent person and not having to depend on someone.  It was the reason I started working as soon as I was able to at the age of 16.  I didn't have a written gratitude list at the time but it was a mental note and it helped me get through days when I was in a funk or feeling down about my situation.  It helped me be thankful for what I did have and changed my outlook for that day/week/month.

Here is my current gratitude list in no particular order:
  • My husband and children
  • Unconditional support from my family
  • My car
  • My awesome friend Kristi
  • My job
  • mark. and the opportunities that it brought
  • Coffee (Starbucks and McDonalds are my favorites)
  • My iPhone
  • My health
  • Health insurance
Feel free to share yours below in the comments.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Floral Print Pants

Outfit details:
top - H&M
Madeline shoes - Sole Society (old)
studded belt - Express (old)
 Multi Faceted Necklace - mark. (on sale here)
Rebecca Minkoff Delight Bag - mark.

I've been wanting to get in on the floral print pants trend but wasn't able to find any available that was within my budget.  The one that was in my budget was out of stock (I'm looking at you H&M) so I was surprised when I found out the floral pants from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl's still had my size (and all sizes) available online!  I say online because I could not find any in the three stores I had visited.  When I learned about the 20% off promo from Kohl's last week, I knew it was a great opportunity to finally get me some floral pants.  The original retail price was $54 but I ended up paying only $17.28 for it.  Not bad, huh?

After getting these pants in the mail, I can say that I'm surprised it had not sold out online yet!  The picture on the site does not do these pants justice!  It is beautiful in person and coral pink centers of the flowers are just gorgeous.  The fabric is super soft polyester so there is no stretch/shrinkage later.  The sizing of this particular pant is similar to that of a pants from a contemporary brand (i.e. Gap, Express, etc.) so I just got my regular size and they fit perfectly.  I also want to note that these are "ankle" pants which means it meant to hit at/above the ankle on women over 5'5.  I, on the other hand, measure up to about 5'1 on a good day so these ankle pants are a perfect length regular pants for me.

Remember when I said before that Kohl's always has some sort of promo going on?  Right now, there are three 20% off promos running for non-Kohl's cardholders:

SMS5041 - expires 4/28/12
SUNSHINE20A - expires 5/3/12
SMS1227 - expires 5/5/12

Plus, there will be a free shipping promo this weekend for orders of $50 or more that you can stack with the above promos - SHIP50EASY (valid 4/27 - 4/29).

If you're going to shop in-store, print out this Yes Pass!

So what's your take on the floral pants trend?  Yay or nay?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easy Going

Outfit details:
Easy Going Maxi Dress - mark.
For Shore Bag - mark.
Layer Up Bracelets - mark.
hat - Forever 21
The temperature been getting cooler over here but it has not stopped me from wearing this Easy Going Maxi Dress from mark.  In all honesty, I prefer this one over the It's a Long Story dress from last year -- fabric and color-wise.  The fabric is lighter since it is 52% cotton and 48% viscose (last year was 100% viscose and it was heavy but draped beautifully).  I'm 5'1" so it is super long on me out of the bag.  However, I do think there will be some shrinkage in the washer/dryer since the dress from last year shrank.  I ended up not having to hem it after the first wash so I think I'm going to see how this one does as well.

Which mark. maxi dress do you prefer?  The new Easy Going Maxi Dress or the  It's a Long Story Maxi Dress?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cool It

Outfit details:
Cool it Dress - mark.
shell belt - Urban Outfitters (old)
Tall Order Sandals - mark.
Catch of the Day Clutch - mark.
Rock of Ages Necklace - mark.
cuff - Express

I'm not sure how the weather was in your neck of the woods but it was scorching hot over here.  It literally felt like summer already.  Luckily, I had this breezy Cool It Dress from mark. to keep me cool.  I have to admit that it is rather sheerer than my usual pieces but it's nothing a cami and nude colored underthings won't fix.  Plus, as they say, white reflects light so you actually feel cooler than say, if you wore darker colored clothing.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably get the idea that I'm obsessed with dots (yes, my current obsession so far is coral colors and dots), so this Cool It Dress from mark. is right up my alley -- it's stretchy, it has some shape, it's breathable, and it's feminine.

Have you entered my giveaway yet?  If not, there's still a chance for you to win an exclusive Rebecca Minkoff Delight Bag made exclusively for mark.!  Check out the new Mag 5 products and enter to win!

Monday, April 23, 2012

mark. Anniversary + GIVEAWAY {CLOSED}

Last week was so hectic that I completely forgot that it was the my three year anniversary as a mark. representative!  Being a mark. rep inspired me to actually start this blog a few years ago, thus the original name of the blog -- Alexis's mark. Beauty.

To celebrate my mark. anniversary, I am doing a giveaway for one of my favorite mark. designer collaboration handbag - the new Rebecca Minkoff Delight Bag!  You may get up to four entries per day by commenting on this blog post, following me Twitter, liking my Facebook fan page, and tweeting.  See official rules and how to enter below!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flower Gal

Outfit details:
 dress & belt - h&m
Jordan heels - LC Lauren Conrad
Bohemian Style Bag - mark.
cuff bracelet - LC Lauren Conrad
wishbone earrings - mark. 
(part of the Triple Threat Earring Set)

I get annoyed by people who just have to have their phone with them all the time.  What annoyed me most was that they were constantly checking it during meetings.  Seriously, were they waiting for a very important call or text?  Or were they bidding on an eBay auction?  I'll never know.  However, I recently switched from an HTC Incredible to an iPhone 4s and I am ashamed to say that I have become one of those people.  I am constantly checking Twitter and Instagram and feel like I'm starting to develop a dependency towards it.  On the other hand, it's not as bad yet so I still have hope in shaking the bad habit.  (Actually, it's a habit I don't really feel like breaking. Intervention! Now!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zoya Celebrates Earth Day 2012

I know you've been waiting for this all year (I know I have!), Zoya has announced their annual Earth Day promo!  In case you are new to Zoya, they offer nail polishes and treatments that are completely free of formaldehyde, DBP, and camphor so they are non-toxic and vegan friendly.  Not only that, their polishes have a lasting finish and their nail polish remover is one of, if not the best nail polish removers around.  The polish remover's scent is more pleasant, less strong and it doesn't have a lingering smell.  Plus, it does a pretty darn good job at removing glitter polishes so imagine how quickly it will be to remove plain old regular nail polish (not long if you're wondering).

Basically, you buy a minimum of 6 (24 max) bottles of Zoya nail polish at $4 each (they're $8 a bottle usually).  They ship it to you and you send them back the same amount of non-Zoya nail polish bottles you have.  As in the past, the promo is not contingent on you sending back the non-Zoya bottles so it's a win-win whether you have any polishes to exchange or not.  You will get to try out some amazing polishes at 50% off.

The only difference this year is that it's running for one day only from 4/21-4/22 (11:59PM EST) this weekend compared to year's past which was one week.
For more info about the promo, please visit the Zoya promo page.  Otherwise, if you're ready to start shopping, click here!  Which polishes will you be getting?

Pretty Pleats

Etiquette dress - Frock Stock
tank - Target
belt - Target (old)
Jordan Platform Sandals - LC Lauren Conrad (sold out online)
saddle bag - Target (old)
Have a Heart Bracelet - mark.
Lucky Charms Necklace - JewelMint (sold out)

I finally got my first pedi of the year so I can now safely wear open toe shoes without having to be ashamed of my gnarly winter feet.  Going to the nail salon was a last minute decision after work so I didn't bring my own polish.  Instead, I selected from the salon's collection in what color but a bright coral tangerine.  It pops nicely with the yellow belt against these neutrals no?

When I saw this dress in the new arrivals section at Frock Stock, I knew it was meant to be.  Cheesy, right?  You see, I had been eying this particular dress at a local boutique for awhile now but Frock Stock's price was much more within my range and the free shipping promo was a plus.  Order processing and shipping with Frock Stock was lightening fast via regular USPS; I placed an order on Friday, received a ship confirmation on Saturday and my package was delivered on Tuesday!

Frock Stock is running their Frock of the Week program where they discount one in their store for one week only.  This week, the Perfect Peony Dress is discounted at over 30% off the original price.

Frock Stock is also running a 50% off special on their sales item with promo code HALFSALE from 4/15-4/22.  I am in love with their Floating Away Dress below!  It's a perfect spring/summer dress!

Have you checked out Frock Stock?  Which dress is your favorite?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

After the storm (Tangerine Tango)

Outfit details:
dress - Forever 21
faux leather jacket (old) - LC Lauren Conrad (similar here)
seashell belt (old) - Urban Outfitters
MAC clutch - Rebecca Minkoff
Gracie wedge heels - Sole Society
All Wrapped Up Bracelet - JewelMint

I love cute dresses so when I passed by this ruffled number, I was enamored.  The fact that it was a coral tangerine color (my color of the moment and Pantone's own color of the year) helped sealed the deal for me.  It's kind of funny since when I was growing up, I hardly wore dresses or skirts.  There was a concensus amongst us girls that cool people did NOT wear dresses so we only wore pants or shorts.  I guess we had our own little feminist movement on playground.

After my last post about the rain, it rained some more and then the weekend welcomed the sunshine with open arms!  With the weather forcast predicting sunny days ahead this entire week, I can feel my spirits lifting from the gloom of winter (don't get me wrong, I like winter but seriously, it's officially April already). 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Join Sole Society & Get $10 Off!

Those close to me know (and I'm sure you're aware by now too) that I'm a shoe addict -- I love shoes.  Some girls have a sweet spot for handbags, me -- I'm a shoe girl and I probably have 20 pairs too many.  I would also say that close to, if not half of my shoes are from the fabulous Sole Society.

I first stumbled upon Sole Society last April, a couple months after it first launched.  Sole Society is a shoe club similar to ShoeDazzle and JustFab in that you get personalized picks just for you.  When you first register, you take a little questionnaire so they can figure out what your style is and each month, six pairs of shoes will appear in your closet based on the answers you provided on the questionnaire.  What makes Sole Society different is 1) they are the sister company of Hautelook (heard of them?) so you know they're legit; 2) they offer both genuine and faux leather and suede shoes at $49.95 each; and most importantly 3) Sole Society does not charge a monthly fee, meaning you do not need to log on to the website by the 5th of each month to "skip" purchasing so you don't get charged.  I personally love this recent change since I tend to forget small things like this until I see it on my bank statement and cringe at my forgetfulness.  Regardless, I still keep coming back each month to check out all the great selection of shoes (and sometimes handbags as well!).

I have tons of quality shoes from Sole Society and I wear at least a pair each week as you can see from my blog posts.  I did have to contact their Customer Service a couple of times and have always received phenomenal service. 

Also, get $15 off your first purchase when you enter promo code: LEATHERSUEDE15 or get $10 off your first purchase when you enter promo code: SOLESISTER at checkout!  I'm not sure when the promo expires but you should probably use it soon before it does.  If you'd like to use my invite link,  please click the picture below!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Magalog 5 Preview

I had originally plan to start of today with Makeup Monday and get back into filming YouTube videos but alas, things did not go as planned.  So today, it will be mark. Monday instead!  Here's a preview of what will be available online this Friday!

Pack your bags!  This magalog, we're going to the Hamptons with mark.!

Curious?  Check out more Hampton goodies after the jump!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Red Tartan

Outfit details:
dress - Target (old)
jacket - LC Lauren Conrad (old - similar here)
tights - Kohls
booties - Nine West (old)
bracelets - Jewelmint and Forever21
belt - American Eagle (old - similar here)
Rebecca Minkoff Delight Bag - mark.

Hope you found the blog OK!  I've finally switched the domain name to match the blog (yay!) so hopefully it's no longer confusing!  I guess you would call it a mini spring cleaning.  For more daily updates, I'm also on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter so feel free to follow!

Spring is in full force here in Sacramento so you know what it means: sun and TONS of rain! As much as I love rain (and sun), I really hate driving when it is pouring outside.  It makes me nervous because it is so hard to see. If you have not driven or been in a car while it is pouring, imagine going through a "touchless" car wash when the water is spraying in your car.  It is that visible!

So I guess that semi-sums up this outfit: spring but still feeling a bit fall-ish.

When I shop, I always look for promos and coupons to use.  And look what landed in my inbox this morning!  A Kohl's 20% off coupon!  Like I said before, I don't have a Kohl's card so I always wait for their 20% promos for non-Kohl's card holder since it's our max savings.  Who doesn't love to save some money when they shop??  Here's a Yes Pass for you!  It's valid both online and in-stores!

(Click on picture for a printable pass)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Birds of a feather

Outfit details:
top - H&M
GMJ jeans - Hudson via Hautelook
hat - Target
Gracie heels - Sole Society
All Wrapped Up Bracelet - Jewelmint
Taupe and Glory Bag - mark.

The weather has warmed up nicely from the last couple of weeks. Warm enough to be able to wear sleeveless tops! Usually, when I get to work in the morning, I have to turn on my little space heater and put a little blanket on my lap since it gets so cold sitting underneath the vent (I swear it blasts cold air in the morning and hot air in the afternoon). The last few days, I was able to forgo the space heater and be comfy with just my little blanket on my lap. I am also leaving the house without having to wear a light jacket so there goes another layer to have to lug around. We've been spoiled by the nice spring weather lately.

EDIT: Hautelook and Sole Society announced a My Favorite Finds contest after I posted this.  You know I love my Sole Society shoes and my Hautelook finds!  I would be so very appreciative if you could vote for me (I submitted this outfit) by clicking this link (for Sole Society) and this link (for Hautelook).  Please vote for both entries as they will poll both together for the final count.  Thanks so much!
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